KarafarinShow is for Idea Pitching Team Building Networking

KarafarinShow is a pitching show of students and young entrepreneur's innovative ideas who wanna develop themselves as innovative entrepreneurs. Several Mini-KarafarinShows during the year are being organized in different cities in ECO countries and every year, a grand pitching competition is being organized in one of the city of ECO and BSEC countries. KarafarinShow2018 will be held on 21 December 2018 to gather idea owners, startups, multinational corporations, investors, diplomats and international entrepreneurs who want to get to know more insight about the ECO/BSEC market potential in Turkey.

Pakistan Chapter
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
Iran Chapter
  • Tehran
  • Mashhad
  • Isfahan
Turkey Chapter
  • Ankara
  • Istanbul
  • Konya
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Executives Board

Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood

International Researcher & Entrepreneur

Education: PhD (Biotechnology), MSc (Biotech), MA (Pol. Sciences)

Founder and CEO @ ScienceTech+ Accelerator, Iran

Founder and Chairman @ CODE International Accelerator, Georgia

Founder and Director Planning @ Nastaran Center for Cancer Prevention, Iran (2014-2017)

Distinguished Award Winner as Researcher (2016) and Student (2013)

Winner of 4 Time, Iranaian National Sheikhbahai Techno-entrepreneurship Award (2014-2017)

Winner of 2 Time, Khawaja Nasiruldin Toosi Techno-entrepreneurship Award (2014-2017)

Winner of 2 Time, Iranaian National Students Techno-entrepreneurship Olympiad (2014-2015)

Holder of Iranaian National Young Entrepreneur Award 2018

Special Appreciation from Iranian Science Minister, Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs and Vice President of Iran (Science and Technologies)

2 Times Selected as a Part of Delegation of Iranian Young Entrepreneurs to North Europe by Science Ministery (2015-2016)

Dr. Hojjat Naderi-Meshkin, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur and International Researcher

Education: PhD (Stem Cell Biology, DBA (Creation New Business)

عضو هیات علمی گروه سلول‌های بنیادی و پزشکی ترمیمی جهاد دانشگاهی خراسان رضوی

عضو موسس مرکز پیشگیری از سرطان نسترن و مدیر عامل شرکت طب تامین

برگزیده: سه دوره جشنواره کارآفرینی شیخ بهایی (طرح کسب و کار)، پژوهشگر برتر استانی سال 94 و کشوری سال 95 و دو دوره طرح کسب و کار جشنواره کارآفرینی شیخ طوسی

رتبه برتر ایده پژوهشی برتر از معاونت علمی و فناوری ریاست جمهوری

دبیر نشست های بین رشته ای در حوزه سلولهای بنیادی، دبیر اجرایی سه کنگره بین المللی، معاون اجرایی دو دوره کنگره بین المللی و دبیر اجرایی جشنواره کارآفرینی بین المللی کارآفرین شو ۲۰۱۷

Ms Noor Zahra Rizvi

Entrereneur and Expert of Social Marketing

BSc (Computer Graphics)

CEO @ NZDesigns, Pakistan

Winner of 8th and 10th International Harkat Festival, Iran (2015/2017)

Bronze Medal Holder of International Paintings Competition, UNICEF, Canada (2013)

Team member of International Companies i.e. PrimaLyfe, Niftyparts, AZRO Group etc

Ambassador of WhoisHussain, Islamabad Campaign 2015-2017 and Advisor WhoisHussain Pakistan (2017-Present)

Cover Designer of FGCW، F-7/2 (2009) Magazine

Invention and Idea Submission Portal

Your Ideas for Global Visibility

Innovative Ideas are like seeds which need light and water (global visibility) for their growth and development


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