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KarafarinShow (International Startup Events of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey Axis )

Entrepreneur’s Show-Pakistan 2018 – An International Techno-entrepreneurs Networking Event in COMSATS University, Islama

Entrepreneur's Show or KarafarinShow (in local languages) being organized by CODE International is a pitching show of developing entrepreneurs innovative ideas who are looking into the Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis market (ECO and GCC Countries) for their entrepreneurship activities. First Entrepreneur’s Show 2017 was organized on 7-8 December 2017 at Mashhad, Iran, which witnessed the 3000+ participants from 18 regional countries located at Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis composed of ECO and GCC countries. After the event premises, Pakistan-Iran-Turkish entrepreneurship nexus was proposed by the Pakistani, Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs to strengthen the techno-entrepreneurship relationship among the three nation to reach a common goal of sustainable economy. CODE International: Pakistan-Iran-Turkish Entrepreneurship Nexus CODE International, is the network of Companies Of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) in the ...

Entrepreneur’s Show – Mashhad 2018: “Good Food” Leads The A Mini-Entrepreneur’s Show At Mashhad

Entrepreneur’s Show – Iran 2018 was held at Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad on 23rd April 2018. This event was organized by CODE International group in collaboration with Sadjad University of Technology at the Holy City of Mashhad, Iran. Entrepreneur's Show 2017: A big start of small movements in Turkey-Iran-Pakistan The event witnessed the participation of 200+ students and techno-entrepreneurs and 24 ideas were pitched on the stage. 3 of them succeeded to the final round and Good Food lead the event pitched by Ms. Nika Jafferi (a 17 year old school girl) along with the co-founder of Good Food, Mr. Sargolzaei (also a high school student).

CODE International platform awarded in 10th National Harkat Festival 2017 of Iran

CODE International platform was presented as an innovative techno-entrepreneurship platform developed by the group of international PhD graduate from Iranian and Pakistani universities at 10th National Iranian Harkat Festival 2017 to define the future of international techno entrepreneurship in ECO countries. Foundation of CODE International and Entrepreneur's Show Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood, Founder and President of CODE International explain the potential of ScienceTech+ in the integration of university graduates in ECO countries to the Dr. Ghafari, the deputy science minister of Iran. Dr. Iraji, the director general of cultural affairs at ministry of science, research and technologies was also in the joint presentation and this presentation received a big attention of all the participants of Harkat festival in Kermanshah, Iran. Harkat ...