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KarafarinShow (International Startup Events of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey Axis )

1st Discussion Forum on the European Perspective of Techno-Entrepreneurship in ECO Countries

1st Discussion forum on the European perspective of techno-entrepreneurship in ECO and BSEC countries was organized under the CODE International. In this forum, Dr. Christer Ericsson and Dr. Hamidreza Sharifi, techno-entrepreneurs of iCellate LLC from Sweden (Karolinska Science Park) were invited in the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad where about 20+ members of ScienceTech+ participated. Foundation of Entrepreneur's Show This forum was concluded on how students and researchers should enter into commercialization and from where to start the startup. It was also concluded that International entrepreneurship is the theory, west believed and local entrepreneurship is the theory in Islamic countries, people believed. Emphasis was done on the international entrepreneurship minimum entrepreneurial activities among neighboring countries.

Series of Meetings with Techno-entrepreneurship Platforms and people around the world to establish entrepreneur's show

CODE International: Pakistan-Iran-Turkish Entrepreneurship Nexus CODE International, is the network of Companies Of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) in the TIP-axis (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan axis) as an entrepreneurship nexus between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to promote the techno-entrepreneurship in TIP-axis. CODE international is currently being composed of CODE-ENC Pvt Ltd (Pakistan), MIDO Pvt Ltd (Iran), CODE LLC (Georgia) and welcomes all kind of technology-based corporations as partner. CODE International organizes Entrepreneur’s Show in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey every year where developing entrepreneurs submit their ideas via Idea submission panel of entrepreneur’s show and on the based on international perspective and innovation get a chance to pitch their ideas in one of the Entrepreneur’s Show. Currently, CODE international is the network of 7000+ subscribers and ...

First Joint Meeting of Iranian-Pakistani Entrepreneurs to establish CODE International

First joint meeting of Iranian-Pakistani entrepreneurs was organized at Khorasan Science and Technology (KSTP), Mashhad to setup CODE International and Entrepreneur’s Show. Mr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman (CEO), Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood (Chairman BOG), Mr. Nusrat Reza (Secretary) of CODE Entrepreneurship Consultants Ltd (Pakistan) had meeting with the Dr. Hojjat Naderi-Meshkin (Chairman BOG), Monireh Bahrami (Secretary) of MashreghQazal (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Co.) Iran at KSTP building, Blvd Sajjad, Mashhad, Iran. In this meeting, the first draft of CODE International was approved and signed by the respective country representative. Another meeting of Pakistani-Iranian entrepreneurs was held with Dr. Hassan Alamolhodei, President of Khorasan Science and Technology Park and other members of KSTP to announce first International (ECO Countries focused) CODE International event, Entrepreneurs Show 2017.