Announcement: Postponement of 6th Entrepreneurs Show, Planned to be held at FUI

6th Entrepreneurs Show 2021

6th Entrepreneurs Show 2021 which was supposed to be help at FUI, Islamabad, Pakistan on 4th November, 2021, has been postponed due to the 4th spike of COVID-19 in country and around the world till February-March 2022.

Dear developing entrepreneurs and startup founders/co-founders, COVID-19 is still a continuous health issue challenging the social activities all around the world and authorities are increasing restrictions day by day to reduce the gathering.

Considering the rise of Covid19 cases in Pakistan and neighboring countries, after a comprehensive discussions with authorities at Foundation University Islamabad as the host organization, event is postponed till February-March 2022.

New date of 6th Entrepreneurs Show will be announced later and whenever the finalized date comes, an early notification of three months will be issued to announce the new date.

Please find the FUI announcement text body below; 

The matter has been discussed with the Rector FUI in detail. Since we expect at least 10 international guests and startups from various countries to participate in the show, their safety and security is our prime focus.

Therefore, due to the 4th spike of COVID-19, it has been proposed by the competent authority to postpone the event till February-March 2022.

However, we shall take final decision three (3) months prior to the proposed date of event, based on the pandemic situation at that time.
Meanwhile, FUI shall stay in contact with CODE International and the organization of any online event of mutual interest shall be welcomed by FUI.
Stay safe!

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