perspective of techno entrepreneurship in Silk route countries

1st Discussion forum on the European perspective of techno-entrepreneurship in Silk route countries was organized under the CODE International.

In this forum, Dr. Christer Ericsson and Dr. Hamidreza Sharifi, techno-entrepreneurs of iCellate LLC from Sweden (Karolinska Science Park) were invited to discuss European perspective of techno-entrepreneurship in Silk route countries in the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad where about 20+ members of ScienceTech+ participated.

Foundation of Entrepreneur’s Show

This forum was concluded on how students and researchers should enter into commercialization and from where to start the startup.

It was also concluded that International entrepreneurship is the theory, west believed and local entrepreneurship is the theory in silk route countries, people believed. Emphasis was done on the international entrepreneurship minimum entrepreneurial activities among neighboring countries.

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