CODE International platform awarded in 10th National Harkat Festival 2017 of Iran

CODE International platform

CODE International platform was presented as an innovative techno-entrepreneurship platform developed by the group of international PhD graduate from Iranian and Pakistani universities at 10th National Iranian Harkat Festival 2017 to define the future of international techno entrepreneurship in ECO countries.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood, Founder and President of CODE International explain the potential of ScienceTech+ in the integration of university graduates in ECO countries to the Dr. Ghafari, the deputy science minister of Iran. Dr. Iraji, the director general of cultural affairs at ministry of science, research and technologies was also in the joint presentation and this presentation received a big attention of all the participants of Harkat festival in Kermanshah, Iran.

Harkat festival of Iran is the largest university student’s association festival in Iran where every year more than 100 students association gather and present their work. It was the 10th series of this festival, which is occurring every year in one of the Iranian city.

At the closing ceremony of Harkat festival, CODE International and ScienceTech+ Accelerator was highly appreciated by the Iranian national news channel (Seda-o-Sema) in the 1 mint reports on aired all over the Iran.

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