Agriculture & BioTech Industry

Agriculture & Biotechnology are 2nd largest group of companies which has attracted 17.3% venture capital investment from the USA and world after Software/IT technologies.

List of Agriculture & Biotechnology Ideas

E-commerce and Online Stores

E-commerce and Online Stores is 3rd largest rising industry of the world which has attracted about 4.0% venture capital investment under consumer products title.

List of E-commerce and e-Store Ideas

Future Technologies

Future Technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) etc under the title of IT services, have attracted 6.0% of total venture capital investment.

List of Future Tech Ideas

Mass Comm, Media and e-Papers

Mass Comm, Media and e-Papers are group of industries also known as telecommunication sector and media/entertainment sector have attracted 11.5% of total VC funds.

List of Mass Comm./ Media and e-Papers Ideas

Sports and Gaming Technologies

Sports and Gaming Technologies are group of most recently born industry which has created a 100s billions USD market in just a decade including online games and sports club.

List of Sports and Gaming Tech Ideas

Clothing and Fashion Industry

Clothing and Fashion Industry is the second largest industry of the world with more than 2.5 trillion USD market around the world after food and drug industry.

List of Clothing and Fashion Ideas

Food and Pharma Technologies

Food and Pharma Technologies are group of largest industry of the world accounting more than 5 trillion USDs including food, nutrition and drugs only.

List of Food and Pharma Tech Ideas

Health and Medical Technologies

Health and Medical Technologies are set of devices and equipment industry which has attracted 7.1% venture capital investment from the USA and world.

List of Health and Medical Tech Ideas

Research and Education Technologies

Research and Education Technologies also including academic publishing and academic services are among the top 10 rising industries of the world.

List of Research and Education Tech Ideas

Software/IT Industry

Software/IT Industry is the largest and rising sector which has attracted 36.2% venture capital investment from the USA and world.

List of Software/IT Industry Ideas