Smart Piggy Bank Application

One of the important factors influencing the economic behavior of individuals is how to learn economic behavior in childhood,
Credit Savings Bank application is designed to realize this important goal as an electronic wallet, which, with its high appeal for children and their parents, encourages them to use this tool, and parents can teach savings to their own children. The financial tools provided in this software allow it to be used by all age groups.
A game designed to teach financial discussions with the interaction of parents and the child so that parents and children can create separate accounts using the software. Parents create their own account and choose their role in the family as a parent, present their children to the software and create an account for each of them.
There are two ways to pay a child:
-1) Fixed payment method
-2) Payment of rewards for tasks assigned to the child
This wallet has all the financial tools tailored to the needs of family members.

Smart Piggy Bank Application Team

Mahsa Aali

Mahsa Aali



Mahamad Javad Monfared

Mahamad Javad Monfared



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  • Current Customers (All ages groups)
  • Possible Primary Customers (50.0000.000)
  • Possible Secondary Customers (All the banks and 12 PSP companies)

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